How To Get TeachersTV on Digital TV

Teachers TV is shortly being released on a digital channel, Channel 44, in the Sydney region. Below is a step-by-step guide for accessing digital television.

Below we have provided both written instructions and a video demonstration for connecting to the Teachers TV digital Channel.

Written Instructions:

1) Firstly - you need a Digital TV, or a set-top box which allows you to access Digital TV on your analog television.

2) With the power off, plug in your Digital TV or set top Box.

2a) Connecting a Digital Set Top Box through VCR.
Unplug the antenna cable from the VCR and plug it into the ‘antenna in’
socket on the set top box ...Then, connect the coloured cords from the ‘A/V
out’ socket on the set top box to the ‘A/V or Video in’ sockets at the back of
the VCR. Don't even have to change any of the connections between the
VCR and TV.
Turn the TV on and switch to the channel that you watch your VCR on.
Don't forget to select A/V on the VCR so you can see the set top box search
for new channels.

2b) Connecting a Digital Set Top Box through DVD Player
Plug the antenna into the Digital Set Top Box and take the cords from the ‘A/V
out socket ’ on the back of the set top box into one of the ‘A/V in’ sockets at
the back of the TV . Then turn the power back on and select the AV input on
the TV.
2c) Digital Television
Simply plug in your digital television, as it has the in-built ability to recieve a digital signal.

3) Head to Channel 44, which should simply be active.

However, if it isn't, just tune in your Digital TV. With Teacher's TV, you're looking at tuning in Channel 44. Have a look at your own Digital TV or set-top box manual for those details.

4) Make a cup of tea. Teachers TV should be live on your Digital TV! For more information about the times we're on air, refer to our TV Guide.

Something exciting:
You can also receive digital television on your computer with the appropriate hardware components. A number of TV tuner cards on the market, ranging in price and features, can be installed into computers with the appropriate specifications.

Digital TV signals are be broadcast in two formats - Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). Both result in a much higher picture quality than existing analog TV. Standard Definition broadcasts give you DVD picture quality and High Definition around 3 times higher quality than Standard Definition.

For more information, see:
CNET with more information about the kinds of Digital televisions.

ACMA with the outlines what digital television is, and when it will be available across the country.


Demonstration Video:

Digital TV Guide

See the Teachers TV demonstration video for connecting to Digital Television.

Don't forget to log in to Teachers TV to view this video.


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